AstroSoundAlchemy ~ Planetary Orbital Path Harmonics & Temporal Geometries ~ Musically Transposed To Heal The Evolution of Life

by Rahb Callahan / White Electric Wind

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YOUR NAME, BIRTHDATE, TIME, PLACE are all I need to calculate your Astrological Chart & Mayan Time Signature and turn these into integrally beautiful Music. These individual Planet/Pitch/Chakra alignments made through a unique System of coordinates crystallize into a Spirit Directed Journey through Sound resonant of your Natal Birthchart. Recordings for Progressed or Transit Charts also available upon request.

An array of specially invented musical instruments through a melodic/harmonic/rhythmic and elemental alchemy access a mystical intuitive receptivity revealing sacred geometries, codes, and information to awaken, activate, and catalyze quantum evolution effecting any facet of life.

Please send your request by clicking "Contact AstroSoundAlchemy". Anything you share of your present life issues, experiences, emotions, aspirations, dreams, etc... will increase the potential of our mutual galactivation. Feel free to speak your truth. I will begin analysis of your chart and its musical transposition as soon as possible. When the work is done I shall contact you via email. I shall then send you a Download Code after you click "Buy Now" to receive your private Recorded Track. If you like I will also post it to the website with a Degree Symbol Image that reflects the most powerful Planet in the chart.

A Musician since 1963 and an Astrologer since 1985 (apprenticed with William Ellias Lonsdale) it is my sincere intention to make this service available to All. For those less fortunate I can also offer a sliding scale with shorter recordings. The Contribution you give which is so appreciated aids in the continuation of this Work.

PERSONAL ASTROLOGICAL COUNSELING by Telephone is also available.

The Spirits of Light Life Love & Law who Serve in many Dimensions are offering New Healings for the Transformation of All Earth Life to Evolve into a Planetary Galactic Community!

Be Infinitely Blessed! Evolve In Grace!


Divinatron, Pulsarium, Cosmic Tumbler Percussion, Cymbals
Electrically arranged to enable the Musician to Play as if with 7 Hands
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Strings calibrated to Healing Frequency A= 432hz

Graphics by Fred Carlson and Orbital Monkeys


released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved


AstroSoundAlchemy Santa Cruz, California

This Arcturian-Pleiadean system collaboration developed over 3 decades transposes Geocentric Astrological Life Stream Coordinates into a Mayan Heliocentric 12 Chakra Tone Scale to quabalistically heal the Tree of Life. The unique complex architectures of any Chart is assimilated directly into One's Being gracefully transcending ordinary mental pathways thru Spiraling Triangulated Sound Vortices. ... more

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